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Estate Planning & Probate

Everyone needs a plan as to how and to whom they want to transfer their property and money upon their death. It can be done by making a Will, naming beneficiaries on investments or by creating a Trust. A Will is one method that utilizes the Probate Court. Creating a trust gives you more financial privacy and it avoids having the probate court oversee your affairs. However, Probate Court has built-in protection procedures to make sure your wishes are carried out. We can help you make the right choice for your needs. We are experienced with all matters relating to estate administration and we have handled hundreds of estates working closely with the executors and administrators to complete the transfer of assets to the heirs.

Life Planning

During your life, you may need someone to make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to for any reason. You also may not want to be on life support systems any longer than necessary if you are terminally ill. There are documents that can authorize someone to make decisions and do those things for you. It is important that you give the necessary authority to someone while you are able. The documents that assist while you are alive are a Living Will, a Health Care Power of Attorney, and a Financial Power of Attorney.

Wills & Trust Litigation

You may be entitled to benefit from a Will or trust and the person taking care of the funds may not be making the right decisions and it is costing you money. We will fight to ensure the correct and proper legal decisions are made for you and your money.

Elder Law

Planning for the future financial care and health care of the elderly is an important consideration. It is important to have assets properly managed in estate planning and also, possibly for Medicaid planning. Properly preparing for the health care expenses required by advanced age and knowing how Medicaid rules affect this planning are an important consideration.

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